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The goal of LQX is to provide to the market each time more interconnected, convenient and private means for anyone can carry out their own business.

Currently, the process of trade is extremely bureaucratic, due to the various rules imposed by the market. Liquidex (LQX) emerged to solve this issue and to revolutionize the process of trade, creating a virtual system where the people from all over the world, from companies and entrepreneurs, can participate in transactions.

Along with this system, we have our own Exchange, our own wallet for purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, a Virtual platform for purchase and sale of several products, as well as platform for investments in cryptocurrencies, where the unique and exclusive payment accepted will be LQX.

To do this, we will follow the steps outlined in our roadmap.

Use of LQX

★ Pre-paid cards

★ To send and receive money, with anyone in the world, with reduced taxes

★ Availability of trade advanced table

★ Payment network, to pay for different types of items and services

★ To join the LQX Masternode Reward program,

★ To pay for mining services,

★ Services for e-commerce,

★ To pay bills.


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