LQX Ecosystem

What is LQX?

LQX coin is based on X11 technology (the same used in Dash) and developed from Bitcoin as a network of two-level incentives, known as the "Masternode" network. The PrivateSend technology increases the fungibility, while InstantSend allows instant confirmation of all transactions made and can be used on daily payments.

Own Blockchain

LQX is running in our own blockchain, it’s a big different between tokens, because tokens depends on other's blockchain, for example, a lot of ICO released ERC-20 tokens, they depend exclusive on the Ethereum Blockchain to make transactions, payments and run applications.

LQX Goals

Provide to the market more interconnected, convenient and private means for anyone can carry out their own business.
Currently, the process of trade is extremely bureaucratic, due to the various rules imposed by the market. LQX emerged to solve this issue and to revolutionize the process of trade, creating a virtual system where the people from all over the world can participate in transactions, and to fulfill these goals, LQX have an engaged community that develops a hole ecosystem to accept LQX as a payment solution.

LQX Features

A fast cryptocurrency to send and receive your money, without the excessive volatility that affects Bitcoin, where users can get the rewards for the LQX masternode, thus benefiting the entire network that makes up the ecosystem.


Our blockchain supports a hundred of thousands of transactions per minute, making LQX one of the best cryptocurrencies for making payments on day-by-day.

Instant Confirmation

Confirmed transactions in seconds. You can use LQX as a payment method due to the fast confirmation over the network. This is one of the main features of LQX.


LQX has the algorithm system of X11, that is made with 11 hashes, making it one of the safest and more sophisticated cryptography hashes in use by modern cryptocurrencies.


All transactions are irreversible, this way we prevent any change on the blocks, containing past transactions. On the other hand, we are preventing any kind of attacks to our network.

Own Blockchain

With our own Blockchain, we don’t depend on any other platform to run our network, unlike the others, which depend on the Ethereum blockchain to perform their transactions or instructions within the network.


All transactions are recorded in our LQX Blockchain. This way anyone can track their transactions. Our partnership systems keep a record of all wallets and balances, enabling to whose hold LQX to get a reward.

General Information

Use of LQX Coin

★ To send and receive money, with anyone in the world,
★ To join the LQX Masternode Reward program,
★ To pay for different types of items and services,
★ To pay for mining services,
★ To perform trading operations,
★ To pay bills,
★ Pre-paid cards. (Coming soon)

Coin Info

Name: LQX Coin
LQX Algorithm: X11
System: PoW + Masternode
Blocktime: 1 minute
Blocktime Reward: *4 LQX, reduction of 1% each 411900 blocks
PoW Reward: 60%
Masternode Reward: 40%
Maturity: 100 blocks
Required coins for Masternode: 10000 LQX
Max Supply: 350.000.000 LQX (350 Million coins)
LQX Explorer: https://explorer.lqxcommunity.org

*40 LQX without ASIC Mining


A) 200 million of LQX coins: pre-mined, divided between creators, investors and developers.

b) 350 million LQX coins: mined up to 2080 for any person or company.
Note that we did not launch a token on the market, not even do the ICO process to raise capitals on the LQX ecosystem.
After the beginning of LQX mining, we started the process of LQX listings on worldwide exchanges, according to our roadmap.


★ Integrated with a lot of companies,
★ Integrated with our own wallet for MacOs, Windows and Linux systems,
★ We have our own community pool for mining,
★ Can be integrated within any platform

Up to 2080

The last coin of LQX will be mined on 2080 year, imagine LQX price on that year!

The reward of LQX mining will have a reduction of 1% each 411900 blocks.

LQX Worldwide expansion


The newest exchange to list LQX, the adoption of our community was outstanding.

EXC Cripto

A Brazilian exchange that listed LQX, and works only with cryptocurrencies.


An exchange from Uruguay that did the first listing of LQX.

LQX Community

LQX Community, a decentralized group of people that is the responsible for running the LQX Coin.


An aggregator of information about LQX, that offer services that you can buy with LQX.

Zcore Pay

A payment system, that allows to use LQX as payment.

LQX Wallet

Download LQX Wallet on your desktop computer (v 0.15.1)


LQX Roadmap

LQX Coin was created for fast payments.


Inclusion of LQX on its own blockchain.


Start of LQX mining by third parties.


Stablished the first third party partnership to use LQX as payment.


First listing of LQX in an South American Exchange.


First halving of LQX Coin.


First LQX listing on European Exchanges.


Listing of LQX on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Coinpaprika and others similar websites.


First brazilian exchange listing LQX.


Application for payment and receipt.


Implement of Masternodes votes system.

Coming soon

Partnership with a pre-paid card that accepts LQX.

Coming soon

The Whitepaper

Read the LQX Whitepaper:
- English version
- Versão em português